After the top-quality of your Last-minute, Amy try criticised as the as well slutty to possess a family group plan particularly Doctor Who

Towards the end off the lady day to your Doctor, she got to dressed in training cups. (TV: The latest Angels Capture New york)

What’s Amy’s age? [ ]

Adopting the the girl marriage about Big-bang, Amy’s genuine history identity was a point of conjecture. During most of collection six, the doctor proceeded to-name her “Pond”, making open the chance that she don’t always grab Rory’s history title. His solitary access to “Amy Williams” on Jesus Cutting-edge – at a time as he try trying to make her find their lives because of an even more “real” lens – ideal, but failed to establish, one she really was “Amy Williams”. Also, the doctor got brought to referring to Rory because the “Rory Pond”, definition the fresh went on accessibility “Pond” inside mention haben einen Blick auf diese Web-Site of Amy was incorrect as well as, and in at least one such as for example regarding the Woman Which Waited, provided her very own name while the Amy Pond. But not, conjecture ended which have Asylum of the Daleks, in which she try definitively revealed signing her judge term to help you a beneficial separation document as the “Williams”. In the Angels Grab New york, she uses Amelia Williams about afterword of the girl daughter’s detective book, another novel she typed in advance of this lady death, and also the gravestone she offers which have Rory.

Starred because of the one or two stars [ ]

Amy is the first companion into the Doc Just who records to possess a couple of concurrent repeating portrayers, namely Karen Gillan and you may Caitlin Blackwood. The 2, despite getting earliest cousins, had never satisfied ahead of the discover-because of and you may filming for the Eleventh hour. Even in the event Blackwood and you can Gillan try really comparable, he’s some other vision tints: Gillan have brownish eyes, while Blackwood’s is bluish.

If you are numerous friends was in fact depicted of the no less than one teenager actors inside the flashbacks and you can check outs so you’re able to earlier factors within their timelines, Amy ‘s the simply mate whoever part was got its start because of the the lady juvenile actor and you may then absorbed of the the lady regular mature star, otherwise who was desired to travel to your Doctor since an excellent man, otherwise just who closed-out the character. (TV: The Last minute, This new Angels Just take Manhattan)

Controversies [ ]

Piers Wenger, a series 5 professional music producer, told you, “The complete kissogram material starred towards the Steven’s desire for the companion getting feisty and you will blunt and just a bit of lots. Amy is probably the wildest companion the Doctor have travelled with, however, she is not promiscuous. The woman is very a two-man woman and that will end up being clear over the course of this new attacks.” [1]

Prior to this current year, Amy’s purple hair was utilized so you’re able to defuse the brand new therefore-named “Ginger debate” that erupted in early due to misinterpretation away from an announcement made because of the Eleventh Dme’s reputation for making use of their yellow-oriented stars, the fresh new BBC noted that Amy are the next straight chief Tv spouse getting red-colored hair. [2]

New Practical Publication 2012 [ ]

P.S. [ ]

P.S., a good terminated Dvd additional, offered certain extra information regarding how it happened so you can Amy pursuing the occurrences of the Angels Simply take New york. Though the view was released of the BBC, but not, it cannot be used because the fundamentally appropriate, anymore than just about any almost every other erased otherwise unfinished world.

With regards to the world, Amy and you can Rory showed up circa 1938, more or less fifty age in advance of its births. They compensated inside Ny and you will ordered a property with a beneficial small grass and this Rory expanded once the the garden. Watching brand new discussion of time, she observed the woman partner’s surname, Williams. They used a child guy into the 1946, which they entitled Anthony Brian Williams, and you may told of its travels as a result of some time and place.

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